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The Gala

The first of its kind, the Positive Purpose Gala proved to be a memorable and magical event. It was an evening of positivity with a purpose. The Positive Purpose Gala is an annual event all about giving back to our senior and disabled community. We also stand behind our desire to highlight companies and individuals within the industry who give back to the community in a major (and positive) way. Proceeds from this Gala will help the senior and disabled community with the following:

• Bridging the Gap—this is one of our efforts to bridge the gap when transitioning our seniors and disabled clients from hospitalization to home care who are underinsured or uninsured

• Assistance with medical supplies and equipment—often times many patients/clients are sent home with the need for assistive devices and other medical supplies with no other income this is where we would like to step in and be able to supply them with that assistive device or medical supply that is needed.

• Fruit Boxes-each month a delivery will be made of fresh fruit to the patient/client that is in need of.

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